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Don Werdick  


Oboe, Oboe d’amore, English horn

Professional Musician - Member American Federation of Musicians


Cane Processing Service - Supérieure Cane Processing


Arranger/Editor & Publisher: Baroque Chamber Music - Chamber Ensemble of Minnesota, Inc. Publishing 



Member: International Double Reed Society

Member: American Federation of Musicians

Member: Associated Chamber Music Players

Member: MusicaNeo and IMSLP --- contributing music Arranger/Editor/Publisher



Don Werdick



Sample Selections             

Solo performed on a Loree Royal Oboe. Demonstration sample is the oboe solo from Tschaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet Suite. Practice session recording. Chamber demonstration sample is from an earlier rehearsal recording of Schubert’s "Octet in F Major (D.72A)".


Oboe d’amore

Sample Selections       

Solo performed on a Fossati Soliste Oboe d’amore. Demonstration sample was recorded during chamber rehearsal of Bach’s "Concerto in A Major" .


English horn

Sample Selections       

Solo performed on a Fossati Soliste English horn. Demonstration sample is from a practice session of Rossini’s "William Tell Overture".


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Contact Information

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PO Box 124, Biwabik, MN 55708


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  •   1962-1966 Rhadames John Angelucci (1915-1991), Principal Oboe with the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra from 1936 to 1980.
  •   1960-1962 Ita Vellek (Loe), Chicago Symphony
  •   1955-1959 Ruben Haugen, MacPhail Center for Music
  •   Graduate-University of Minnesota, business & music, and the Institute of Financial Education


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Performing Organizations

  •   1960-1967: Portland Chamber Ensemble, Bloomington Concert Band Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra, Metropolitan Wind Ensemble, Metropolitan Youth Symphony, University of Minnesota Orchestra, U of M Band, Augsburg College Orchestra, MacPhail Orchestra
  •   1963-1969: Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, Metropolitan Wind Ensemble 
  •   1969-1976: Chamber and orchestra performing, recording and military service-Bandmaster/USAR
  •   1977-1997: Minnetonka Symphony Orchestra, Metropolitan Wind Ensemble
  •   1997-2011: Mesabi Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble of Minnesota, North Shore Philharmonic Orchestra, Northern Lights Music Festival Orchestra, Woodland Chamber
  •   2012 to Present Semi-retired: cane processing business - Superieure Cane Processing, Inc., chamber ensemble music performance and music Arranger/Editor/Publiser - Chamber Ensemble of Minnesota, Inc. Publishing -

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Biographical Information

  •  Don Werdick is a professional Oboe, Oboe d’amore & English horn artist. Owns and operates the international double reed cane processing business Supérieure Cane Processing™; is an music copyist/engraver and arranger, editor, publisher (Chamber Ensemble of Minnesota, Inc. Publishing); member of the American Federation of Musicians, International Double Reed Society, Associated Chamber Music Players, MusicaNeo and IMSLP. He studied with Rhadames Angelucci, Principal Oboe, Minnesota Orchestra; Ita Loe-Vellek, Chicago Symphony; Ruben Haugen, MacPhail Center for Music; and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. Performances as principal oboe include the North Shore Philharmonic Orchestra, Mesabi Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble of Minnesota, Woodland Chamber, and the Northern Lights Festival Orchestra. Prior to moving to northeastern Minnesota he performed in the Twin Cities with the Minnetonka Symphony, Bloomington Symphony and the Metropolitan Wind Ensemble. He is a retired financial institution CEO, former FDIC/RTC Assistant Director, First Federal Minneapolis management and past U.S. Army Band Director & commissioned officer. Don and his amazing wife Donna (d.10/2019), Author - pseudonym J. D. Wellander,, reside on six wooded acres in their northern Minnesota home.


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